About us

The art of jewellery making has been a closely guarded heirloom in the Joramal Jaggomal family for the past many centuries. What started off as a small family-run setup with clients in Delhi, steadily grew into a large-scale wholesale and retail business with clients across the country. From becoming a renowned brand in India to being featured regularly at famed international shows, such as the MidEast Watch and Jewellery Show in Sharjah, Dubai International Jewellery Show, Jewellery Arabia in Bahrain and International Jewellery in London, Joramal Jaggomal Jewellers has come a long way. At present, the brand is focused on expanding its reach to other parts of UK and USA.


Despite international acclaim, one thing that has remained untouched over the years is the passion and perfection with which every piece of jewellery is created.


At Joramal Jaggomal Jewellers, it’s the years of perseverance in perfecting the art that has led to the creation of timeless collections. Today, the brand stands tall with jewellery inspired from traditional Indian karigari and blended with haute couture designs.